Getting there

The place

First time to attend Gărâna Jazz Festival? Don’t worry, the roads may be long but they all lead to 5 days of good jazz music and unique natural heritage. The festival venue is hidden in the heart of the Western Carpathians, in the small village of Gărâna — also called Wolfsberg by the Bohemian colonists who have inhabited it until some 30 years ago. Gărâna is situated in the Semenic Mountains, 1000 m above ground – the closest big Romanian city in Timișoara, located in the western part of Romania.

During your stay in Gărâna, you will be able to feed your hunger for jazz music, freedom and nature.

Here are the main transportation options. If you need any extra-information please contact the festival team.

By Car

It is the easiest way to get to the festival. The point of destination is Reșița county/ Reșita city and then Gărâna.

See Map


Google map

Any route recomended by your GPS will be ok, make sure you fully enjoy the beautiful roads along the forests and the memorable panoramas.

Parking space

We recomend you to leave your car at the hotel parking or in the special parking place. Please don’t park at the entrances – places reserved for the festival crew & artists.

By plane

Chose a flight to Timișoara (140 km from the aeroport to Gărâna), to Budapest (433 km from the airport to Gărâna) or Belgrad (254 km to Gărâna).


Festival people are friendly people. Helping each other has always been a characteristic of the Gărâna community. So if you’re looking for a ride or need a companion to get there, make sure you post a message on one of the festival’s groups or official events page.